Zamzam Program.

The Zamzam Environmental Sustainability Program (ZESP) is a comprehensive environmental protection program launched by Mercy Mission Australia. It is a multi-level initiative that works to raise community awareness, provide education to drive behavioural change, deploy environmentally friendly equipment at Masjids, as well as assist Muslims to live sustainable lifestyles. Currently, a variety of different related projects have been launched by ZESP including those that promote water conservation, energy conservation and waste management. Some current ongoing projects within ZESP will be briefly outlined.

The Zamzam Water Conservation Project, which targets mosques and community centres, is aimed to reduce water consumption through providing education coupled with investment in water efficient equipment. This project was also nominated for the 2009 National Savewater Awards, the leading water sustainability awards in Australia. It also went on to achieve the second prize within the community initiative chapter, which truly highlights the benefit of this project.

The Zamzam Energy Conservation is a more recent initiative of ZESP. It works by assisting schools apply for grants through the National Solar Schools Program (NSSP), an initiative that provides schools with a head start in tackling climate change and conserving water.

The goal of the Zamzam Green Book is to disseminate education to Muslims in order to encourage sustainable day to day living. This book is available online free of cost, and covers topics ranging from water conservation, energy saving, waste management, general advice on sustainable living, all supported by numerous excerpts from the Qur’an and Hadith.

The Zamzam Green Home (ZGH) project aims to provide necessary advice, suggestions and motivation to Muslims in achieving sustainable living in their homes. Understanding our responsibility and practicing Islamic teachings of sustainable living are the main objectives of this project. Along the same lines, the Zamzam Green Ambassador (ZGA) project aims to provide in depth education training sessions to a selected Muslim group. This group will be educated on current environmental crises and how to tackle this issue in day to day life. They will be trained on how to identify and reduce potential impact on the environment in and around their homes, as well as in the community. They will also develop a better understanding of Muslims’ responsibility of looking after the environment. Both of these projects are delivered free of charge to interested participants.