Being-ME Annual Women’s Only Conference.

Being ME- Muslimah Empowered is an annual women’s only conference, an expansion of Mercy Mission Malaysia’s portfolio of serving the needs of the Muslim community.  Organised by women for women, the event addresses the daily lives and challenges facing the Muslim womantoday.


Why Being ME?

Being Me- MuslimahEmpowered is embarked upon a mission to give Muslimahs an outlet to express the reality of their lifestyles, share accomplishments that benefit humanity and inspire others to do the same. This is the inaugural Islamic Women’s Conference in Malaysia that allows the opportunity to address the daily challenges facing the Muslim woman today.

This conference aspires to provide growth as a community and individually, to celebrate successes, showcase achievements and to enlighten, encourage and empower every Muslimah. We bring forth the opportunity to explore the roles of Muslimahs, discuss the struggles of the changing environment related to their roles, as well as address the daily challenges that women face.

It is our sincerest hope that the conference will be a platform to inspire Muslim women to live faithfully, to share knowledge, equip themselves with the right information, network and connections. We want to highlight the successes and achievements of Muslim Women and showcase how Mercy Mission is pursuing the vision of the Prophet through innovative programmes to solve today’s complex issues.

Women are the essence of every ummah and behind a lot of the good that is happening in the world as we know it today. Islam emphasizes a great deal on women and the perception of Muslim women as oppressed and insignificant is now diluted in developed Muslim nations such as Malaysia, where women contribute tremendously in the economy, society and development of family.

Women in Malaysia face multiple challenges that require interventions for them to be empowered. Life for women has changed tremendously after the introduction of inventions, access to education and entry into professions.

Statistically, women earn one tenth of the world’s income, own less that one tenth of the world’s property though they grow half of the world’s food and form nearly half of the world’s labour force. Two thirds of the world’s illiterate are women. While progress has been made in terms of women’s access to education, women still comprise two-thirds of people who cannot read or write. Women still represent 60 percent of more than one billion adults who have no access to basic education. Girls constitute the majority of the 130 million children with no access to primary school; worldwide, girls currently attend school 55 percent as much as boys do.In the working sector, there are some cases whereby women are treated differently. They should be treated differently whereby the end result is equality.  They should be given the equality of opportunity to participate, to contribute and develop their potentials and equal access to resources so that the end result would be one where women could improve their conditions.

Women play the role of a mother- the person who will raise the leaders of tomorrow and indirectly lead the direction of the Ummah. It is of utmost importance that they are equipped with the proper support fromfellow peers and sufficient skills to enable them to be self-reliant, independent and resourceful.

Muslim women’s lives are always filled by a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. At times, they need some sort of guidance to serve as reminders for themselves. What should they do in times of difficulty? And in times of ease, how can they make best use of their successes? How can they empower their lives on a regular basis?


Our Vision:

We strive to provide a platform where women from different walks of life and aspirations are given opportunities to learn, teach, share, and inspire consequently empowering others and themselves by identifying and exploring the true role of a Muslimah to benefit those they love and all of humanity hence ultimately please Allah (SWT).


Our Mission:

We aspire to achieve this community development network through facilitating projects, talks, conferences, workshops and educational programs structured to enrich the lives of women spiritually and physically hence enhancing their relationships with Allah (SWT), their loved ones, and their community at large.


Our Objectives:

  • To seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) and achieve piety (taqwa).
  • To showcase achievements and successes of empowered women of the past and the present.
  • To inspire women of today by focusing on our role models: the Mothers’ of Believers, scholars of the past and present, and visionary women throughout time.
  • To inspire the younger generation for a brighter future by sharing wisdom, guidance, insights, and by highlighting characteristics of successful women.
  • To open the minds of Muslimah in helping and empowering the less fortunate sisters to and help the community by volunteering and participating in activities of community development.
  • To guide Muslim women to celebrate their womanhood and roles according to the true teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.


Role of the Conference

  • • A place to inspire Muslim women to live faithfully to their belief by showing them
  • exemplary Islamic teachings and practices.
  • • A place to learn, teach, share, explore beneficial and practical knowledge towards positive
  • change that will lead to enhancing the lives of all those around us.
  • • A place for women to equip themselves by getting the right information, networks and
  • connections that will help them to achieve empowerment in their lives.
  • • A platform set to highlight the successes and achievements of Muslim Women from
  • around the globe that have benefitted and continue to benefit humanity at large.
  • • A place to showcase how Mercy Mission is pursuing the vision of Prophet Muhammad
  • (pbuh) through innovative programming to solve today’s
  • complex issues by a group of selfless individuals.


Conference Format

The conference is conducted in one day. The conference schedule includes lectures by prominent speakers and leaders,in-depth workshops on health, society, careers, and other pertinent issues. There is also plenty of opportunity for delegates to engage with speakers and to ask questions. Delegates are also be entertained by quality anasheed and performances workshops. The conference includes a Muslimah Awards ceremony and also a bazaar featuring Sisters’ Corner, Angel Investors and An Array of Muslimah Attire show. There is also “Daddy & Me”, a facility which allows mothers to enjoy the lectures held in the main auditorium while their husbands spend quality time with their children participating in creative and educational programs.



The conference also includes a “bazaar” area that contains a variety of stalls showcasing Muslim business and service organizations, as well as those non-Muslim organizations that are seeking to raise awareness amongst the Malaysian Muslim community. Delegates are able to purchase halal food from stalls at the venue. There are also facilities for delegates to make wudhu and to perform the prayers in congregation.


Who Should Attend?

Being ME attracts 2000-3000 sophisticated, educated and developing women ranging from 18-45 years old.

Based on the organizers’ experience with other community conferences and our marketing strategy, we anticipate the following ratio of women to attend the conference:


University Students Early 20s ~40%
Married/to be married Late 20s-  Early 30s ~50%
Married/older women Mid-30s-  45+ ~10%


Testimonies from Being ME 2012

 Alhamdulillah. Great speakers and great conference to spend over weekend. Oh Islam dignify our differences between man and woman. We are not weaker species but rather play very important role. I am a woman, a muslimah woman, humble servant of Allah, a daughter, a sister,a friend, soon to become wife (amin =p). Allah, give me strength to always remember Dunya is temporary and Akhirat is everlasting. Give the love justice. 

We dont need society definition to define our beauty. Not by competing man’s capability to gain respect.not completing life by finding spouse. Life is for Allah. - ZarinaZakiah – Kuala Lumpur

subhanAllahwaAlhamduliAllahwAllahuAkbar— BEING-ME was really a conference where I learned so much about ‘Being Me’, Being the MuslimahIm meant to be, from Self awareness,to self development, to modesty,tochastity,to the significance of the Quran, to the power of Change, to the importance of balance, to the secrets of Marriage, to the Art of Mothering,to the depths of real love, through stories of hardships, trials and real change,to the bling bling Fashion Shows, to the Muslimah Awards and finally to the amazingly dedicated brothers and sisters who sacrificed countless hours to make Being Me a beautiful experience…All I can say is May Allah award you with JannatulFirdous. AMEEN. - HafsaChinoy – Kuala Lumpur